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We Have an amazing cross section of clients
Our most popular clients are::

Diplomatic protection

Diplomatic Protection

The importance of diplomatic security cannot be overstated. Diplomats and other Foreign Service officers face risks as never before.

Indeed, one only has to point at recent kidnappings and assassinations of foreign dignitaries to underscore the unprecedented threat level they face. Why rely on inexperience and unpreparedness that may cost someone their life.
We are fully equipped and prepared to handle all diplomatic security details.

Executive protection

Executive protection

There are some prices you pay for being a corporate executive, celebrity, or any other position of power or fame, and some of those sacrifices are acceptable. Your personal safety is not something you can sacrifice, and you shouldn't have to, no matter what kind of VIP you are. There are ways to mitigate risk. For the best in executive protection, you should consider the premier protection offered by PDMS

With experience in every imaginable location around the world, you can be sure the PDMS officers and agents in your service will have the kind of situational awareness necessary to quickly identify and neutralize threats. They are equally at home on land, at sea, and in the air.

Celebrity Protection / Bodyguard Service

Celebrity Body Guard ServiceHead of Security for a VIP?
Call us to discuss your options
Paparazzi Problems

PDMS has the answer. It's no longer good enough to have a "BIG" bodyguard.

A BIG body guard is imposing but if it's time to react does he have the proper training and knowledge
to deal with a bad situation. Does he have the tactical knowledge to defend you or your loved ones and your prized possessions?

When you deal with us your dealing with Gold Shield NYPD detectives with years of street training and Federal agents with tactical training and knowledge.
We can take care of all situations whether it be in your home town or out on the road we have the security solutions you need.